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All China Lawyers Association

Founded in July 1986, the All China Lawyers Association (the “ACLA”) is a self-governing professional organization of Chinese lawyers and administers the lawyer profession in accordance with the PRC law.

The highest authority of the ACLA is the National Lawyers’ Congress (the “NLC”). The ACLA holds a session of the NLC every four years to, among other things, elect the Council, which will then elect the President, the Vice Presidents and the Council’s Executive Members. When the Council is not in session, the Executive Council exercises the authority of the Council and implements the resolutions of the NLC.

1. According to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Lawyers and the  Articles of All China Lawyers Association , the ACLA shall perform the following duties:

2. Protecting lawyers’ right to practice lawfully and safeguarding lawyers’ legitimate interests;

3. Summarizing and facilitating exchange of work experience among lawyers;

4. Formulating professional codes and disciplinary rules;

5. Organizing professional trainings and educational activities regarding professional ethics and practice disciplines for lawyers, and assessing lawyers’ performance in legal practice;

6. Organizing and managing trainings and other activities for apprentice lawyers and assessing their performance in legal practice;

7. Rewarding and disciplining lawyers and law firms;

8. Handling complaints or reports made against lawyers, mediating disputes arising from legal practice and processing complaints made by lawyers; and

9. Fulfilling other duties required under laws, administrative

The executive body of the ACLA is the Secretariat, who is responsible for the implementation of the resolutions of the NLC, the Council and the Executive Council, and is responsible for the daily work of ACLA.